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Get To Know Us

Vivo (a Latin word meaning ‘in the living’) was founded out of a love for dancing and fitness that evolved into an award winning leading fashion brand.
Vivo Woman is designed with fit, functionality, comfort and style in mind. At Vivo, we celebrate womanhood and Africanness with classic timeless fashion pieces for work, play and everything in between. It’s no wonder that in a short 10 years Vivo has grown to become a household name in African women’s fashion in the region.

With 17 retail outlets and more still to come, we endeavor to continue telling the stories of African women through our brands. Our clothing is specifically tailored not only to accommodate, but to celebrate the many diverse and unique shapes and curves that represent the African female form. Worn by some of your favorite celebrities and women of influence, Vivo Activewear continues to challenge traditional fashion boundaries to redefine and inspire personal style across the region.